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At Allsports Podiary we take pride in ensuring your orthotics are made to the highest quality using the latest materials & most accurate methods; such as 3D laser foot scanning and computer aided design & manufacturing (CAD/CAM).

Our Podiatrists take a very hands on approach in the manufacturing of your orthotics. Following your consultation & biomechanical analysis your podiatrist spends time each week in our own exclusive lab right here in Brisbane. This ensures the most accurately prescribed & customised orthotic possible.

This is why we can guarantee our orthotic devices for 12 months. If there are any manufacturing faults they will
be repaired at no cost during this time.

Modifications to the prescription of the orthotic are included in the cost of the device for the first 6 weeks.

For more detailed information on orthotics please refer to our orthotic brochure 2017 or contact your nearest clinic for full terms and conditions.

Basic Price List*:

Custom EVA orthotics

Full length high density foam pressed to a cast and shaped to the desired prescription.
Life expectancy ~ 1-2

$380.00 (Adults)
$320.00 (under 18 years of age)

Custom semi-rigid orthotics

Thermoplastic/carbon graphite composite, pressed to a casts and shaped to the desired prescription. Can be rigid or flexible depending on requirements. Life expectancy ~ 2-4 years.


Slim-fit orthotics

Thin thermoplastic custom designed for greater shoe fitting options. Life expectancy ~ 2-4 years.


Discounts for multiple pairs of orthotics may apply

Your second pair of orthotics is 50% off when ordered in the same transaction.

* These prices are for the orthotic product only. Consultation fees will also apply. Please ask your podiatrist for further details.