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Sports Podiatry:

At Allsports Podiatry, we have a special interest in all things sports. The Allsports Podiatry team provide excellence in podiatric care for both amateur and professional athletes of any age.

Our Podiatrists have a close relationship with many of Brisbane’s most respected Sports Physicians and Orthopaedic Surgeons. We also work collaboratively alongside our colleagues at Allsports Physiotherapy to provide a truly unique and multi-disciplinary approach to patient care.

Our podiatrists regularly consult to various professional and amateur sporting teams and provide care to numerous Allsports sponsored professional athletes.

Digital Gait Analysis:

Allsports Podiatry uses Digital Gait Analysis software to assess your gait pattern. For more details click ‘Find out more’.

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Orthotics are custom-made shoe inserts specifically designed to reduce the unwanted stresses caused by incorrect foot motion. By capturing a 3D scan of your foot and gaining an understanding of your sporting activity an orthotic can make a huge difference to your comfort and performance levels. For more information about Orthotics from Allsports Podiatry, please click ‘Find out more’.

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Paediatric assessments:

We assess and treat children of all ages. Making sure that your child is following the normal developmental milestones is important in preventing problems with walking and running at later stages in life. If your child is experiencing pain from an overuse injury or “growing pains” we can help to relieve pain by addressing issues such as tightness, weakness, poor foot mechanics, inefficient walking/running pattern and incorrect footwear.

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Footwear Assessments:

Using digital gait analysis we are better able to recommend the right type of shoe for our patients. In addition to foot function, foot shape is also an integral part in achieving the right fit. Choosing the right shoe can make a big difference in reducing and preventing pain.

Bring your current footwear to your next appointment and our Podiatrists will be happy to discuss your footwear needs with you.

General Podiatric Care:

Allsports Podiatry also looks after all your general Podiatry needs.

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